Let Down

It Lives Again!

So, about a week ago, while trying to drive to Cedar Rapids to drop off a letter or something, the Hummer I was driving (which belongs to my girlfriend’s dad, Dr. Warner) broke down in Grinell.

Last week I got the call that it was finished, and I could come pick it up.

My girlfriend, Christine, was leaving for her east coast vacation on Friday (She’s blogging about her vacation everyday!). This was very fortunate for me, as it meant that she could drop me of at the GM dealership in Grinell on her way to Maine. I would then drive the Hummer to Des Moines, and spend the weekend there with all the cool folks in Awaken.

Follow so far?
I really hope so, because here’s where it gets complicated.

I was planning on staying in Des Moines from Friday night until Sunday evening to see my family, and go to church with Chad. Unfortunately, it turned out Christine’s sister, Rose, needed a book from the back of the Hummer for a class on Sunday afternoon.

Yeah. You can see how that’s a problem.

But, hey, I’m full of solutions.
I suggest that somebody could drive to Des Moines on Saturday and get the book from the Hummer so that Rose can have her book, and I can hang with my fam.

Great idea.
Well, in theory, anyway.

In practice, it proved to be a little more complicated than that.

Saturday morning, I was in such a hurry to get to Zion for Awaken that I left my cell phone at my parents house.
Saturday evening, Dr. Warner came to get the book from the back of the Hummer. He drove two hours to get this book.
I had both sets of keys to the Hummer.
He called me to come let him in to the Hummer. I didn’t have my phone.
Dr. Warner drove all the way back to Council Bluffs with out Rose’s book. It’s a four hour round trip.

I felt terrible.

Especially after everything Dr. Warner has done for me since I moved out here.

It sucks to let someone down. Especially when it’s someone you care about.

I ended up driving the Hummer back to Council Bluffs at 2 in the morning, dropping off the book, and driving The Beast back to Des Moines. I even got a few (very few) hours of sleep before church.

Even the sleep deprivation was nothing compared to how bad I felt for not being responsible about meeting Dr. Warner in Des Moines.
And not meeting Dr. Warner in Des Moines is nothing compared to how bad I’ve felt for some other things that I’ve done.

That’s where grace comes in…