Adventures in Lanesborough


Christine and I are on our way back from visiting her relatives in Lanesborough, MA.

It was an amazing weekend!

We got to hang out with Christine’s uncle David, who Christine hasn’t seen in something like 20 years (he lives in Norway).

We went hiking and kayaking with David, and he showed us the crazy steep cliff he used to ski.

We got to stay in a beautiful cabin, built by Christine’s uncle George in just a few months.

This cabin was just amazing, with a spectacular lake view. One afternoon, we even saw a black bear sniffing around the cabin.

We also got to hang out with all five of Christine’s cousins on her mom’s side (a first).

They are all super cool in different ways.

Christine and I definitely want to raise our kids somewhere there are lots of things to do outside.
Somewhere it is impossible to be bored.
Somewhere like Lanesborough, MA.