It has certainly been an eventful season.

Christine and I moved back from Sint Maarten in late August.

Christine took her first set of board exams and did very well.

I gained a mother-in-law when Christine’s dad married a wonderful lady: Susan.

Christine and I learned that we will be spending the next couple of years in southern California.

We’ve spent time with family, dug deeper into our family history, had (a couple of) wonderful Thanksgiving meals, visited Chicago and Minneapolis… life is full of excitement!

It has been more of an adjustment than I had expected to get reacquainted with my home country. The pace, culture, and weather are all very different from what we were used to in Sint Maarten.

Our cats are enjoying the many perks of living just up the road from a pet store.

This week, Christine and I will head out to Bakersfield, CA to find a place to live and get a feel for what the next couple years will have in store.

The sweet scent of adventure fills the air.