My collection of old misc. computer disks that I will never use.

When I was about 2, my dad bought an old Atari ST. computer. I first started getting interested in it when I was about 7. My dad gave me and my brother some disks that we could save stuff on and do stuff like that. So I took a disk and started an electric diary. I took another disk and wrote some cool programs but it is too bad I will never get to play those programs again (I’ll tell you why in a minute). My brother also made some cool things. Also, he created a wried file called !@^#$&)_+&-=\;'][/,,.>::"{}|)(*&$%@!~` that to this day I have not been able to delete.
But, anyway.
So, one day, my brother was using the computer, and all of a sudden, the computer would not read anything from the disk drive. I don’t know what my brother (not me!) did, I don’t even know it was him. All I know was it was not me. Anyway, something happened. And to say the least, (and you can bet that I sure did) “Dad, it won’t work.”

And more recently, I took a GT computer class. In it, I got a MAC format netscape disk. That night when I was admiring it, I popped the spring that keeps the little mettle part closed. So, I don’t know if it works or not.

So, that is how my collection came to be. Now at home I have about 20 disks, but they aren’t in my collection because I will use them. I now have (for all you computer experts like me) an MS DOS 6.22, Dell 100% IBM compatible, EGA graphics, 40 meg. hard drive, 286 processor, 2 button mouse, joystick game support, Epson LQ 3250, 5.25 and 3.5 disk drive, and, I think thats about all.

So, thats my collection. Any questions?