I bought a van

I bought a van.
I registered for school.
I saw HER again!

I wrote this freaking scary-weird song called “Chad”, but I don’t have the guts to record it. People would think I’m psyco and it would really piss off a few of my friends. I just needed to take out some aggression.
This song “Deader” is really cool. Hope to put the finishing touches on it and record it soon.
A few months after it happened, I wrote a song about how I miss her and still wait for her to call every night…
but no more!

My life has finally started to get better again. There’s this girl who I’ve written a few songs about before, and she likes me…again. We’re dating, and we’re in love, and she’s the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I don’t even care about the other….....

I could say a lot of mean things, but something inside won’t let me.
NEwayZ, my next CD, should I choose to record one, will focus on balance. Love and hate. The circle of life, so to speak. Should be really cool.

Hopefully, I can do some recording with Tyler from Kloudnine.

I love you. You! WE will never be seperated.