Toy Soldier

I’m sick of hearing about Pierre Pierce.
Who is Pierre Pierce?
Do you live under a rock?
He’s only been all over the news.

Pierce is a basketball player at the University of Iowa, and is accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and assaulting her. But what’s more interesting than Pierce himself is how his lawyer, Alfredo Parrish is recruiting the local media for his own army of toy soldiers. Parrish will parade Pierce in front of the media, tell everybody how much Pierce loved his girlfriend and they were going to have kids, while never saying anything about the facts of the case. What’s worse is the media eats it up!

Every time Pierce farts, we’ve got a reporter and a live-truck so that we can have more in-depth team-coverage than the guys across the street.

There are reporters that will call Parrish several times a day, even three or four times within an hour, just to see if he’s saying anything new.

What have we heard from the victims attorney? “They had an intermittent social relationship,” McCormick said.

This is horrible.

Charges haven’t even been filled yet, and the media has already acquitted Pierce.

We’re only looking at the intermittent relationship and not the allegations.

I’m ashamed to be apart of this monster called journalism.