The Future

Today I sat down with my assignment editor, Aaron, to talk about how school fits in with my career goals. My advisors at school have told me that I don’t act like a college student with a job, but rather a photographer without an education.

I told Aaron that I was not doing well in school, and did not value the education that Grand View had to offer. I have sat down with seniors in the Broadcast program and they know significantly less than I do about how the TV News world works.

Aaron told me I should contact cheif photographers at bigger stations to find out what they look for from potential photog candidates. If it’s college than, hey great. If its Avid certification, I need to buy a student copy and focus my efforts on learning Avid. If it’s a great tape, I need to go to photography camps, sharpen my craft, win some awards, and get the best resume tape in town.

I’m more than willing to do whatever it takes, and I’m seeing more and more that a degree from Grand View in DSM, Iowa might not get me as far as some people are trying to tell me.