So I was giving myself a haircut today. You know, no big deal. I’ve done it before. You just take the little buzzer-thingy and vesssh, instant haircut.

So I was going to town, really cutting it short.


Got a little to close around the forehead.
That’s okay, no need to get upset. We’ll just even it out and take a little off the other side.


Okay, now we need to even it out around the ears.


Yeah, this evening it out is not working as well as I expected. One more swipe for good measure.


I look in the mirror and realized my forehead is about twice the size it normally is.

In my trying to fix things, I’ve only made it worse. Much, much worse.
Should’ve just gone to Great Clips and paid the fifteen bucks or whatever it is to have it done right.

For some reason, while I was looking at my ridiculous hair, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels in my own life. Many times (it happens more frequently than I’d like to admit) I’ll do something stupid to get myself into trouble. Rather than just accept it and deal with it, I’ll try to make things better on my own. Usually, I end up only making things worse.
God (or in the case of my hair, Great Clips) is the only one who can really fix our screw ups. I can try to do it on my own, but than I just end up with two inches of bold forehead, metaphorically speaking. Only difference is God doesn’t ask for fifteen bucks, like the money hungry monkeyshines at Great Clips. God asks for our love, our devotion. Our whole life. So lets turn everything over to God and see what happens when Christ makes us clean.

As for my hair, I’m praying it grows back sooner rather than later.