Out of gas

Out of gas So I was driving home the other night, when my gas light came on. I hate having to stop and fill my gas tank.

Such a hassle.

Doesn’t my car know I have better things to do?

Besides, my gas light likes to be overly cautious. In fact, I once drove for almost an hour with my gas light on.

I was just about an hour from home, so I figured I could get home with out any trouble and fill it up the next day.

I was tired.
I just wanted to go to bed.

So I was only a couple miles outside of Des Moines when my van putted out.

No more gas.

Luckily, I had enough momentum to roll down the Jordon Creek exit, and then pushed the thing to the Kum&Go down the street where I filled up my gas tank, and proceeded to drive home and go to bed.

This ordeal got me thinking.

I hate to say God is like gas, but… God is like gas.

I haven’t been spending as much quiet time with God lately as I would like to.
I always find something better do do, and put it off.
I’ll get to it later.

But I’m about to run dry.

My life runs so much smoother when my relationship with God is a priority. Not that life is any easier, but it feels so good to know that the God who created the universe, the heavens and the earth, the birds and the fish, God loves me and cares about me.

The moral of the story: Don’t drive for an hour with your gas light on.