What a day

So I walked out to my van to come to work today and the stupid thing wouldn’t start. I guess I left my dome light on all night and killed the battery. I guess my mind was drifting last night when I got home.
So I got a friend of mine to give me a lift to work and decided to worry about it when I got home.

Later that evening…

I got home from work and got a friend to give me a jump start. Decided to let my van run for a little while to charge up the battery.
Came back outside 10 minutes later, and the darn thing ran out of gas, and the battery was still dead.

If only I wouldn’t have put off filling up, I wouldn’t have had this problem. If only I wouldn’t have been distracted last night, I could have avoided this mess all together.

The moral of the story: FOCUS IS KEY!