“Boogie Boarding”

“Boogey Boarding” Spending the week on vacation in Texas. What a great time. I’d move down here if it weren’t for hurricanes and “y’all”

Had a little bit of an experience earlier today.

So my hotel is right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first time I’ve seen the Ocean. It tastes like potato chips.

So, while I was at a beach gift shop, one of the employees got me interested in something called “boogie boarding.” A “Boogie Board” is a little foam board, kind of like those boards they give you when you’re learning to swim, but much larger. The idea is similar to surfing; one stands out in the ocean with the “boogie board” and when a wave comes, one would sit on the “boogie board” and ride the wave to shore.

At least, that’s how the salesman explained it.

But before I could try my hand at “Boogie boarding,” I needed to buy a “boogie board,” a leash (so the “boogie board” wouldn’t float away), some stylish “boogie boarding” flip-flops, and other random accessories. By the time I left this gift shop, I had spent no less than fifty bucks on “boogie boarding.”

With my “boogie board” in hand, I headed back to the beach. Like the salesman said, I strapped my “boogie board leash” to my wrist, and headed into the waves. I waited for a big wave and jumped on the “boogie board”…
And landed right on my face.

(Side note: swallow too much salt water, and you will throw up)

But I’m persistent. I grabbed my boogie board and waited for the next wave. As soon as it came up, I jumped on the “boogie board”…
And landed right on my face.

This went on for nearly an hour.

As I was bobbing around in the middle of the gulf on my little foam board of death, I had a realization. I was not made for “boogie boarding.”

The salesmen made “boogie boarding” seem like so much fun and, more importantly, convinced me to drop fifty bucks on it. I found “boogie boarding” to be very very difficult and, more importantly, hazardous to my health. I think this is not unlike sin in my life. I lot of times, it seems very glamorous and I am convinced to buy into it, only to find that I was not made for sin at all.