Think Hippo

Think Hippo You know those multiple choice tests that they have you take in school?
You know, the one’s with the bubbles that you need a No. 2 pencil to fill in?
(I always wanted to use a No. 3 pencil, just to mess with them, but could never find one.)

They’re junk.
We need to get rid of them.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life.
I have lots of options available.
I could keep working at Zion with the coolest youth group on the planet.
I could move to Council Bluffs and go to school with the coolest young lady on the planet.
I could try to get back into the TV business (though that might be difficult after The Incident).
Or I could move to Clive and work at Shane’s Rib Shack.

All of these seem like viable choices.
Now I just have to figure out which one is best for my life.

I’m not so sure…

When I was three years old I wanted to be a hippo, because they’re big and they sit in the mud all day.
I was given a nice little list of career choices that my guidance counselor thought would suit me, based on a nice little multiple choice test.
All I had to do is pick one of these choices, and she (my high school guidance counselor, Ms. Foshe) would help me plan my future.

Being a hippo was not on the list.

I’m not saying that I just want to wallow in mud puddles all day (I do, but that’s beside the point). What I’m trying to get across is that all to often we limit ourselves based on what others think, what’s socially acceptable, what we’re expected to do, what seems reasonable, etc.

Think outside of the bubbles.

Think hippo.