Not so organized… I’ve got a great story, but it requires a little background first. Stay with me.

So I’m part of this mime ministry called Awaken. It’s really sweet stuff. I’m the “Special Effects Engineer”

We’re wrapping up the spring leg of our tour, and getting ready to shift into summer mode. Naturally, I’m starting to think about new effects that we could build, because that’s why people come to see this thing, right?

Stay with me, I’m getting there.

It always makes me feel good when, after the performance, people come up to me and are like “Wow! How’d you do that?!?” Then I get to show off all this stuff that we built, and talk to them about the custom control board that I built and yada, yada, yada. Really cool. Oh, and a lot of them talk about learning something about Jesus, which is cool too.

Here comes the story 😃☺︎

So, last weekend we were performing in this really small church. Stuff was cramped. I had a few extra lights that I had to put somewhere, so I hung them from the rafters. With duct tape (not duck tape. I’m not big on cruelty to animals).

The thing about duct tape is, when it gets hot, it looses all of it’s stickiness. Lights get HOT.

During one of the more intense scenes in the drama, demons are swarming around Jesus, and one of my lights falls from the ceiling. Just decided it’s finished hangin’.

Twenty seconds after, another lights starts swinging back and forth, being held up only by it’s cord. I go rip it down before it kills somebody.

I learned two lessons that night.

Number one. Next time I have to hang lights from the ceiling, I’ll use string. Not duct tape.

Number two. After the mime, people weren’t talking about the light that fell (save the one crew member who, in the lobby afterwards, pointed at me and shouted “It was HIS lights that fell!!!”). But people were still talking about how they saw Jesus and what they learned. The thing is this: in this ministry, I’m called to be a servant of Christ. I need to serve him with everything that I am. But God knows I’m not perfect. God knows I’m gonna screw up. A lot.

But that’s ok, because I’m not the one in charge of making sure people see Jesus. That’s God’s job.

I’m just called to be a servant.