God is Good

God is Good


Just finished a four day backpacking trip through Yellowstone. It was absolutely amazing.

As I sit here, just a few hours before 2008, I would really like to write a reflection on the past year and talk about some of my favorite stories, but I can’t.

  1. Because I’m dead tired.
  2. Because I can’t stop thinking about the past four days.

Being in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter, I really got a chance to connect with nature.
Really I did.
Yes, in that way.

But as I was sitting on a dead tree in the middle of Yellowstone, I looked around and just took in everything around me.
The perfectly placed pine trees.
The birds flying overhead.
The gigantic mountains I was seeing for the first time.

Sitting there, I realized that nobody planted all those trees. Nobody raised those birds to fly around the park. Nobody built those mountains to be a tourist attraction.

This is all God’s handiwork.

I’m sure I’ll have more stories later. Right now I need sleep.

Happy new year.

God is good!