I have recently discovered that I am getting older at the alarming rate of one year every year.

I think my favorite birthday memory was from a couple years ago when I was working at Riverside. My parents were coming up to visit and said that they’d take me, and anybody else who wanted to come, out to dinner.
Those Riverside YMTs love the free food.
So I invited Jon, Will, Brian, Crystal, and everyone else on the team to come party with my family. Everybody said they may or may not come (I gave them four or five days notice).

Sure enough, my family ended up waiting for 20 minutes and none of the YMTs showed up.
Shows how much they love me

But, to top it off, the next morning Jon said to me “Hey Rick, we all went out for steak last night. We were going to tell you, but didn’t know where you went.”
I told him I was at my birthday party with my parents, and he said he must have forgotten all about it.
What great friends I have

But I can’t get too mad at them.
I’m sure it had something to do with me trying to set the camp on fire earlier that week.