Kiwi’s Big Adventure

Kiwi on Roof

Boy, this bird is crazy!

So Christine has this pet bird, Kiwi.
He seems to hate everybody except me; he loves to bite fingers.

I love playing with Kiwi, he's a lot of fun. He also reminds me a lot of myself:

Actually, Kiwi doesn't get enough credit for his flying. He's much better than a lot of people think.

Just the other day I was had Kiwi on my finger outside as I was enjoying the nice weather. Kiwi likes going outside, but he hates grass and trees and animals and rocks and patio furniture.
Other than that, he loves it.

This wasn't the first time I've had Kiwi outside. He's very good about staying on my finger.

I don't know what got into him, but he decided it'd be fun to fly on top of the roof above on of the bay windows.
First, I was really proud of him. This guy has, until recently, spent his life inside a cage with his wings clipped. Flying on top of the bay window was the most impressive flight he had done.

Until he decided that wasn't enough and, with the help of a well timed gust of wind, flew right over the house.

By this time, Dr. Warner came outside to see what all the fuss was about.
When he saw what was going on, he thought it was hilarious.

But now, we had a real problem on our hands. Kiwi had flown over the roof and out of sight.
We spread out across the front yard looking for him.
It's not easy looking for a small green bird in green grass, green trees, and green bushes.

Finally, Dr. Warner followed his voice (remember, I said he was loud) to find him in the neighbors yard hiding behind a tree.
Not in a tree. Behind a tree.

As Christine's sister Rose would point out later, the logical thing to do in this situation would be to take Kiwi to the vet and get his wings clipped so something like this doesn't happen again.
Dr. Warner and I came to the conclusion that Kiwi must feel bored sitting in his little cage, so we went to the pet store and bought him a friend, Oliver.

As an aside, while we were at the pet store getting Oliver, Kiwi decided it'd be fun to fly up into the rafters. This flight was even more impressive than going over the house, as it was straight up and with out any wind. He finally came down on his own when he saw one of the employees getting out a ladder (he hates ladders).

Picture of Oliver