Riverside Flooded

Water outside the Riverside Chapel [Riverside](http://www.riversidelbc.org/), the Bible camp where I spent many summers growing up and two summers on staff (I also [set a field on fire](/2007/05/field-in-flames.html) there) got hit pretty hard by the storm that went through a couple nights ago.

First of all, I’m praying for everybody on staff at Riverside, I know this is sure to mess with a lot of people’s summer plans.

No buildings were destroyed, but there was lots of flooding and the first week of camp had to be canceled (but daycamp is going on as scheduled.)

Clean up started today, and they are planning on camp starting next week.

While this is not the first time it has flooded (I can remember canoeing up to the chapel), this is the most Riverside has flooded. There was more than a foot of water in the chapel, and the water went as far as Mortvedt Hall (the old dining hall).

Two of my good friends, Colby (”Big City”) and Alex had their cars parked right in the floodplain. Needless to say, the flood got the better of the cars.

Like I said, this really upsets me, as I’m sure it does many, and my thoughts and prayers are with the staff. If you can help with the clean up, please contact Riverside with your availability, and they will let you know if and when they can use you.