We did it!


I’ve been incredibly busy lately with my buddy Carl.
We kinda sorta started our own design firm called Dirty Suds Design
(Massive bonus points to anybody who remembers where the name came from!!)

One of our first big projects officially launches tomorrow.
It’s a website for the Hoover Challenger, my old high school newspaper.

During my years as a newspaper nerd (and I was the newspaper nerd in my day), I always dreamed of having a website for our school paper, but didn’t have the time or the resources to put one together. Being Editor-in-Chief, it was enough of a headache to make sure the paper got to the printer every other week.

For the past several weeks (months?) I’ve been working with Edward over at Hoover to put this site together, and I’m quite proud of the end product.

Carl is a crazy design ninja, and did a phenomenal job with the “New York Times meets MySpace” layout.
I learned more about PHP and server side scripting than I ever really intended to, and ended up building the template from the ground up.

I really can’t express how proud I am of this site right now.
It was a lot of fun putting it together with Carl and Edward, and I would love to do more high school newspaper type sites in the future

…so if you know anybody, give ’em my number.