10 : Change Your Light Bulbs

This is the tenth in a series of (hopefully) 52 posts related to the book Every Monday Matters. I'd love it if some other people wanted to go through the book with me. Contact me if you're interested.

Here is a lamp that’s just waiting for it’s light bulb to be replaced with a more energy efficient compact fluorescent. Out with the old, and in with the new.

Hey! What is the meaning of this?

Compact florescents can save you money every month on your energy bill.

This is not a light bulb. This is a light bulb.

But this is just as bright as a traditional light bulb.

I don’t believe that.

Another lamp, another light bulb. Always turn off your lamps before attempting to change the light bulb. It’s good.

Halt! What are you doing?

I’m changing the light bulbs.

I have already commanded you not to do that.

But these light bulbs are brighter and use much less energy.

And look ridiculous, much like your face, and your pink hat.

I don’t know how to respond to that.

Be gone with you.

Another lamp, another light bulb. Oh, never mind. That’s halogen.

One more to go. Ah ha.

You again! What do you think you’re doing?

I’m changing the worlds light bulbs of course.

These light bulbs are more expensive than these light bulbs!

Yes, they do cost more at the check out, that’s true, but when you factor in the amount of money you’ll save on your energy bull, they’re much less expensive in the long run.

Be gone, evil villain.

So remember, compact fluorescents save energy, and save you money, and they’re just as bright as traditional light bulbs.

Until next time, always remember to floss.