This morning I tried to log in to a certain social site, only to find out that I have been temporarily blocked.

According to the generic message in the FAQ, “Facebook has determined that you were using a feature at a rate that is likely to be abusive. Before you were blocked, you were given a warning to slow down your use of this feature.”

For the record, I never received any warning.
I can only assume they are upset that I import my blog to my profile (because I don’t do much else on that site anymore). That is usually one or two posts a week. Doesn’t seem like “a rate that is likely to be abusive” to me.

So how often am I allowed to post notes?
“Unfortunately, Facebook cannot provide any specifics on the rate limits that we enforce.”

Oh. Ok.

I am not offended at all, in fact I think this is kind of funny. In the world of blogging, getting blocked my those guys is something of a badge of honor.

So, I won’t be poking anybody for a while. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to focus on real relationships for a while?
So, instead of writing on my wall, try calling me.