08 : Feed The Hungry

This is the eighth in a series of (hopefully) 52 posts related to the book Every Monday Matters. I'd love it if some other people wanted to go through the book with me. Contact me if you're interested.

Hey I'm Pat Hawks and I'm here with my buddy .
What's happening Colby?
What up guys!?

Hey Colby, what do you do for a living?
Dude, I deliver Pizza all day every day
And thus the name!

This is Every Monday Matters week number 8
Feed the hungry, baby!

Alright, Colby the Pizza Guy, so what's your plan for feeding the hungry today?
Well, I figure, I get a 50% discount, so let's get some 50% off pizza and feed the hungry.
Right on!

We've got our first delivery of the night. What are we about to do Colby?
Oh, we're gonna deliver some pizza to the hungry baby!

Hello? Hello? Hungry people?
We've got pizza for the hungry. Here you go.

Yeah, baby! We're gonna feed the hungry today!

We've got pizza for the hungry! Here's some pizza.
I didn't order it, but thanks.

Here you go. Eat up!
Thank you? Thanks?
You're welcome

Alright, this is our third delivery of the night, we're feeding the hungry.

Pizza for the hungry.
But, I'm not "the hungry."
But, there's pizza.

Here, come with me. Let me show you something.
I, and you, am not "the hungry."
You see, the hungry don't have any other food to eat. You'd be delivering pizza, and that would maybe be their only meal of the day.

You see, Colby I have this whole cupboard of food. I have my bread, I have my raisins And my favorite, Colby, is some pork flavored Ramen.

See, the hungry are out on the street somewhere needing your help
They need your help. I don't need your help.
It's nice to have you around, Colby to deliver delicious pizza like this but they need you.

Alright guys, if we go online we can find ways we can really help the hungry not by delivering pizza to random college kids.

You got a credit card Matt?
See if we go to this website, we just enter in your credit card information...
Oh, is that how you spell your last name?
Two T's
Alright, we just donated $1000 to help the real hungry.
Not hungry like you Colby, Certainly not hungry like you, Matty Matty.
This will pay for food for people who really need it, guys.

It's not all about money either. I mean, if you prefer, you could donate canned food to your local pantry.
Or if you have time to give, you could volunteer to serve meals at a local soup kitchen

The important thing is to do something.
There are too many hungry people in our world to just pretend it's not a problem.

I'm Colby the Pizza Guy, and Monday night's special is A large Mushroom Deluxe for $9.99 Check it out.

Special thanks to my friends Colby, Beth, Casey and Matt for helping me out with this one.