14: Create, Support, Appreciate Art

This is the 13th in a series of (hopefully) 52 posts related to the book Every Monday Matters. I'd love it if some other people wanted to go through the book with me. Contact me if you're interested.

This week I am here with Kevin Schwarting.
Kevin is an up and coming artist, in the Des Moines, IA area.

How are you doing, Kevin?

I’m doing good.

So tell me a little bit about what you do with art.

Well, one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do and one day I just woke up, could have even been a Monday, and I just said, I’ve always wanted to paint, and I am just going to do it. Well I don’t care if I look lame or whatever. I don’t know how people teach to do whatever, but the way I like to do is whatever feels most comfortable. I mean, you really can’t express yourself, if you’ve got rules and restrictions and there are things that you have to follow, in order to make your art. I think that’s one of the biggest things. One of my teachers, in my journalism class, Mr. Piltzer, he would always start off the day, with us writing. And we would sit there, and he says, there is no rules, there is no punctuation, You just go! That’s how I came into painting. I wanted to find a new venue for my art, I think is the right word.

All right, well show us some of your paintings.

Ok, well this one, there is just this one building I had with seven doors, and it’s like, I don’t know, that looks really neat. I wanted to get a painting like that but I don’t want to just paint a building, and so then I just decided to, draw kind of like an outline, and then completely wreck that outline, and draw outside the lines, and have a great time with it. Here is one that me and my friend Harry did, he was the guy who interrupted us, but me and my friend Harry I did this one, and, the bad thing about paintings, taking pictures and stuff, you don’t get to really ge t to really see the deep details of all the paint and the artwork that has gone into it, and all the shades. There is even depth of paintings, like some paint, some parts, it’s thicker than others, so it’s almost a little bit 3D. It’s really enjoyable to look at, in real life. And that’s why you should actually go to museums. It was just kind of the ways they expressed themselves, like this way for me, doing this kind of stuff, just streaks across canvas, just being lame. Just having fun, mixing, and messing with colors was pretty awesome. That was just the least amount of thought that I could put in art, and I just did it. And it was fun, it was enjoyable, and I felt great about myself afterwards. And I got to stare at it, every time I walked by it.

Cool! Should we try and paint something?

You think so?

Let’s do it.