George W. Cam

A photo of &ldquot;Old Spike&rdquot;

To make a short story long as I usually do…

Dr. Warner’s dad has (had) a cat named Spike.

A few months ago, Dr. Warner, his brother and their dad went on vacation to New Brunswick.

They took Spike along for the ride.
Spike ran away at the camp ground.
He didn’t get lost, he ran away.

A couple weeks after they got back from vacation, Dr. Warner got a call from the folks who ran the campground.
They had found Spike.

Dr. Warner took a few days off work to go pick up his father’s cat.
You can listen to Dr. Warner tell his side of the story at his radio show’s website.

So Dr. Warner get’s back with “Spike” (that’s another story I don’t think I’m allowed to post online), and the cat freaks out and hides in the basement.
The cat is still hiding in Dr. Warner’s basement.
So Dr. Warner and I set up a hidden camera that takes pictures of Spike when he gets near his food dish.
The camera will automatic upload the pictures it takes to the internet, so you too can spy on Spike!

Of course, Christine thinks I’m nuts.

In closing, I leave you with a photo of Spike before the vacation to Canada, and a picture of Spike when he came home. Interesting, huh?

A photo of "Old Spike"

A photo of "New Spike"

Happy Caturday.