So I don’t usually use my blog to make music recomendations or anything like that (that’s what my profile is for). But today I can’t resist.

Drop whatever you’re doing right now.
It’s not as important as this.

Check out the band Nullsleep.
They use instruments like the Game Boy or even more old school Nintendo Entertaimnent System to make their music.
And it really rocks!

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the song Supernova Kiss.

This stuff is incredible.
Not only did I grow up listening to soundtracks like this in all my favorite games, but my dad used to synthisize music on his Atari ST, so I’ve always had an appreciation for interesting music.

How’s that for a non-pointy blog, Dan? Or do you even still read my blog?
Cute little kid video tomorrow. I promise.
My blog is turning into a big circus. Not sure how I feel about that.