Hot Sauce

Christine got me a Make your own Hot Sauce kit for my birthday.
In April.
10 months ago.

Yesterday, I decided to make my own hot sauce.

Sometimes I get a little distracted.

I found a great recipe online for Liquid Fire. I didn’t have a can of peaches, so I added pineapple juice and I added a few jalapeños, just because I love jalapeños. Other than that, I followed the recipe as well as I ever follow instructions 😉;)

The sauce turned out just fine.
I had some on my eggs, and put some on a sausage.
Really tastey stuff.
Not terribly spicy either, since I used those jalapeños instead of a couple habaneros.

Only problem was, when I was slicing and seeding the peppers, I wasn’t wearing any gloves. I did it all with my bear hands.
When I was finished, my cuticles were burning like crazy!

I washed my hands furiously with soap and water, but the burning wouldn’t go away.

Later in the evening, I realized my face and eyes felt funny. Instinctively, I rubbed my noes and eyes, and they started burning.
The more I rubbed, the more they burned!

I realized I must still have had some capsaicin on my fingers.

On the way to the bathroom to wash my face, my eyes were watering up so bad I couldn’t see.

Still today, my fingers burn.
I have to force myself to refrain from touching my face.

This is how I want to live my life, to have a profound impact on those around me that cannot be washed off with soap.