Colorado: Wrap up

What an amazing trip.

I’ve been home for a couple days now and I’m still decompressing.
Actually, I’ve been sleeping pretty much the whole time. Staying up late and waking up early is not as easy for me as it used to be.

I met lots of amazing people, all of whom I want to stay in touch with.

It was really good to remember what it’s like to do youth ministry.
I really do believe that this is what I am built for.

I got to tell some of my favorite stories, like why I left the news business, how I burnt down much of Riverside, the notorious Madrid Freakout, and many other good ones.

It was also good to talk to Brent about what it means to “do ministry.”
He reminded me, once again, that I don’t need to have a title and pull a paycheck to work for the Lord.

I definitely feel like I got more out of this trip than I contributed, but I suppose that’s what happens when the Holy Spirit gets involved.

I’ll have a couple more stories later, like how my lack of depth perception really skews my view of the mountains, but right now I think I’ll just keep listening to country music and praying.