Back from Colorado (again)

Trail Tags Another sweet trip to Estes Park, CO.

Hiked up to Sky Pond, which was simply breath taking.
Even though it isn’t a summit, it is higher than the Twin Sisters summit I (almost) hiked up last time.

Christine and I hiked 4.9 miles, past Alberta Falls, The Loch, and Lake of Glass before finally climbing up a waterfall to get to Sky Pond.
Words cannot describe how peaceful it was up there.

So, we decided to get a set of trail tags for all the hikes we did this weekend.
I learned that trail tags come with four different colored borders, corresponding to how long the hike is. If the hike to Sky Pond would have been a tenth of a mile longer, it would qualify for a blue bordered patch, but as the round trip distance is just shy of 10 miles, it only gets a red border.
I thought for sure the whole “climbing up a waterfall” thing would earn it an extra push, but sadly, the difficulty of the hike is not a factor in determining tag borders.

Next time, I’m totally going for a blue trail tag.
Who’s with me?