I’ve come to realize that I have a lot of stuff.

The ratio of stuff I own compared to places I have to put stuff is unbalanced, and that is bad news.

In our culture, we are defined, to a large extent, by our stuff.

I am not my stuff.

I don’t want to depend on my stuff.

If all my stuff went up in smoke tomorrow, would I be upset?

Should I be upset?

Sure, it would be inconvenient, but would it change who I am? What would it change?

So what’s the answer?

Should I burn all my stuff and find an abandoned house to live in and make soap or something?

Should I sell all my stuff and give the money to Mac (because he comments on my blog)?

Maybe I should just keep trying to acquire as much stuff as possible, so when I die, I can be buried with all my stuff (because you know it’s mine).