I’m a Pilot

Pat's First Flight

I’m an official pilot!

Many of my friends didn’t know I was taking flight lessons.
Well, it only started a couple months ago.

I was thinking about how Christine and I may not live in Omaha this time next year, and there are things I would like to do before I leave the midwest.
I was thinking about how Christine’s dad owns a plane, which would make this an amazing opportunity to learn to fly, and it’s quite possible that never again in my life would flight lessons be so convenient.

I decided then and there that I would become a pilot.

I got hooked up with Ben at Advanced Air and flew four or five times a week (or more).

I went from knowing next to nothing about avaition to being a certified private pilot is less than two months.

This is not at all typical. It took Christine about 7 months to get her license and Dr. Warner took lessons for years before he was certified.

I’m quite lucky that the weather cooperated, and lucky to have found such a great instructor who was so flexible about schedules and willing to work at such an accelerated pace.

Now I am a pilot and can fly whenever the weather allows, as well as carry passengers. It’s a wonderful feeling and reminds me a lot of when I first got my drivers license.

A friend in high school always talked about how it’d be fun to have a license to operate anything: planes, helicopters, ships, etc.
I really thought it impossible at the time, but now I am one step closer to stealing her dream.
Wait, that didn’t come out right…