Old Faces

Last night, I lay awake thinking about a moment in time about 10 years ago.

There was a time in High School when my buddy Kevin and I went to this party with some other people.
I played guitar.
Kevin was Kevin.

We all had a good time but, after that night, neither Kevin nor I talked to any of those people again.

I know they went to my high school, so I pulled out an old year book to see if I could remember who any of them were.

It’s a funny thing, flipping through a 10 year old yearbook. Some (but only some) of the faces look vaguely familiar. I feel like I should know these people. People I had frequent connections with are now nothing more than a hazy memory.

Also of note, it is extraordinarily difficult to find somebody in a yearbook if you do not remember their name or what year they graduated.

As an interesting aside, I remembered two things about my self. I designed the yearbook index for a few yearbooks in high school (which is much more difficult to do than many people realize. Also, I was never a sophomore in high school. I was a freshman two years in a row, then was a junior.

Anyway, Christine and I are going to her 5 year high school reunion tonight, which has me thinking about people in high school I would like to meet with.

In most cases, I’m not terribly interested in the idea. I think Facebook has made the idea of “catching up” much less appealing. I already know who has led an interesting life and who hasn’t.

There are several people from my past that I’d like to grab coffee with and chat, but I suspect very little time would be devoted to “catching up.”

I eventually found a couple people from that party in the yearbook, but they are not on Facebook, so there will be no catching up.