Downtown Chi-town

Sears Tower (First attempt)

So, Tuesday night I was sitting in my room watching TV when Scottie and Tool walk in.
They can’t sleep either and they’re afraid of wasting the night watching TV (which would’ve been fine by me).

I jokingly say that I’ve always wanted my picture taken by the Sears Tower in Chicago, and they both think it’s a great idea.
So at 2am, we jump in The Beast and head for Chi-Town.

We get there around 7:30am, and after finally finding a place to park, we find the Sears Tower.

Scottie takes my picture and I videotape Scottie riding his unicycle down the sidewalk. Tool stands off to the side and doesn’t want to be associated with us.
After about an hour of fun, we realize that we all have commitments that afternoon, and a five hour drive home ahead of us, so we head back to The Beast and take off.

Chicago is so cool. I can’t wait to go back there someday.