I WILL drive 55

Speed Limit 55 Yesterday, my job was to drive Dr. Warner’s Hummer from Council Bluffs to Cedar Rapids. I didn’t ask any questions. I like driving. I like driving Hummers.

As I passed through Des Moines, I figured I’d pick up the pace a little so I could shave a little time off my trip. Why not? Everybody else in Des Moines speeds.

Well, I was just outside the city when I saw those red and blue lights flashing in the rear view mirror. I pulled over and the deputy walked up to the passenger window.

He let me know that I was driving a little too fast, and asked if he could see my drivers license. I reached to my back pocket and was shocked and horrified to learn that I didn’t have my wallet with me.

The deputy was not amused.

He took down my name and social security number, and went back to his car.

Several minutes later, he returned to the side of the Hummer I was driving. “Well, I found your license on the computer, but I think the last thing you need today is a speeding ticket, so just please slow down.”

I told him that I’d drive so well I could teach drivers education and thanked him very kindly for the warning.

I don’t know why he let me off with a warning. He could have really provided me a bad afternoon.

I was thankful that he let me off with a warning, and I’ve been driving so well since then.

It’s really sweet when we get grace instead of wrath. Especially when we really, really deserve wrath (like getting pulled over for speeding and not have my license, especially after my recent blog about speeding in Des Moines).

Kind of reminds me of Luke 15:11-32. You know, the story of the Prodigal Son.

As for me, I still can’t get that deputy’s words out of my head. “The last thing you need today is a speeding ticket.” It’s almost like he knew what was about to happen…