Dani California

I never got to the ocean!

I came all the way to Beverly Hills without seeing going to the Pacific Ocean. I flew over it, but never made it to Santa Monica beach.

Oh well. It’ll give me a reason to come back. Like the time I went to Chicago without going to the top of the Sears Tower.

This morning, I checked out of my hotel around 7:30 and walked around LA a little bit. I really wanted to find a disposable camera, since I lost my nicest camera on the plane from Omaha (I know, I know. It’s just a tool and can be replaced, but I’m still kicking myself for dropping it.)

Walking around LA, I was most impressed with how nice everything is. It’s a very large, very clean city. I mean, seriously Brian, why would you ever move away from this!?!

All sorts of big buildings and boulevards. I probably walked around for close to two hours just taking it all in.

Finally, I found a CVS/pharmacy where I could buy a camera.

I was also really thirsty. I found this real interesting Mexican soda, Jarritos, and bought three different flavors. And a disposable camera.

I got out of the store only to find out that Jarritos has a pry-off cap. I needed a bottle opener.

Oh well, no time to worry about things that can’t be fixed (though I’d offer 50 bonus points to anybody who can score me a bottle of some Limon Jarritos!).

I ditched the Jarritos and jumped in a cab to O’Gara Coach Company

LM002 : The Rambo Lambo