Road Trippin’

O’Gara Coach Company
The nicest people I’ve ever pretended to buy a car from.

We scopped out the LM002 and I took it for a test drive.

A test drive that lasted all of half a block.

Ok, first off, the only manual transmission car I’ve driven in seven years is Dr. Warner’s Lotus Elice, which is super light and the clutch is very forgiving.

Pat in Lotus

Secondly, people in LA are crazy!
I admit, it’s never a good idea to stall in the middle of Beverly Hills, but with everybody behind me honking and screaming..

To make a long story short, I stalled, tried to start it up again, stalled, repeat.
After this cycle a few times, the starter overheated and it just wouldn’t start. So we just sat around for a couple minutes while the starter cooled down. Meanwhile, everybody behind us can’t figure out that if a car is stopped with it’s hazard lights on, they should probably GO AROUND IT!

But, I know, I’m the idiot for stalling in the middle of Beverly Hills in the first place (Sorry, Derek. I tried to make you proud…😉;)

Manfried, the salesman who was riding with me, was totally cool about the whole situation. He told me that this is just kind of how people on the coast are, rude and oblivious to hazard lights.

When he offered to drive the rest of the way, I was more than happy to turn over the keys.

LM002 : The Rambo Lambo