We Like The Moon

We Like The Moon

Last week I saw the earth’s shadow on the moon.

image: time, the sun, earth, and moon were all lined up nicely.

It was art.
Like… God’s art.

I started thinking about this amazingly cool phenomenon I was looking at.
I started wondering why God was so loud tonight when normally he/she/the dude seems so quiet.
I started thinking about nature.

Call me a greentard, but there is some pretty cool stuff that happens all the time in our world.

Like, there’s this hummingbird in the Omaha zoo that can change colors just by shaking her feathers.

Or when it’s really overcast and feels like such a gloomy day until, out of the clouds, big fluffy white snow flakes start falling from the sky, only to melt as soon as they touch the palm of your hand.

Or the tide. Everyday, the moon pulls the Ocean out, and then pulls it back in again.

It’s easy to take things for granted, but I think that is a problem of our perception and not a problem of God being quiet.

God has a very artistic side, but he’s very subtle. Not like in high school when I would record a couple songs on a CD and try to sell it to anybody who had five bucks (a lot of people bought that CD).
God is more like the little kid on the beach who builds a sand castle, then runs around barefoot. You can notice the beauty, or you can ignore it, but he won’t shove it in your face.

Does that make sense?
Well there ya go.

And speaking of the tide, I’ve never seen it. But I will.
I’m going to Beverly Hills to see the Pacific Ocean.
Then this weekend I’m going to Florida to see the Atlantic Ocean.
And the Gulf of Mexico.
…but I’ve seen that before.